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eranatatera Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Daily Email subscription cuts text off


so i created a text measure which basically presents KPIs in my org in order to send it to relevant stakeholders using a subscription daily email to a dsahboard. 

the dax is basically like this : 


"Date: " & FORMAT(TODAY()-1,"dd/mm/yyyy") & UNICHAR(10) &
"Signups: " & IF(ISBLANK(Signups),0,Signups) &" (M: "& IF(ISBLANK(signupstotal),0,signupstotal)& ")"&UNICHAR(10) &

"Current Trials: " & IF(ISBLANK([Trial Customers]),0,[Trial Customers]) & UNICHAR(10) &

"New Customers: " & IF(ISBLANK(NewCustomer),0,NewCustomer) &" (M: "& IF(ISBLANK(newcustomertotal),0,newcustomertotal) &")"& UNICHAR(10) &

"Licenses: " & IF(ISBLANK(LicensesMain),0,LicensesMain) & " [New:" & IF(ISBLANK(LicensesNew),0,LicensesNew)& " Upgrade:" & IF(ISBLANK(LicensesUpgrade),0,LicensesUpgrade) & " Churn:" & IF(ISBLANK(LicensesChurn),0,LicensesChurn) & "]"& " (M: "& IF(ISBLANK(licensesThisMonth),0,licensesThisMonth) & ")" &UNICHAR(10) &

"Churned Customers: " & IF(ISBLANK(churnCustomer),0,churnCustomer) &" (M: " & IF(ISBLANK(totalchurncustomer),0,totalchurncustomer) & ")" &UNICHAR(10) &

"Total Customers: " & CALCULATE([Cumulative Joins],Calendar[Date]<TODAY()) & UNICHAR(10) &

"Total Licenses: " & CALCULATE(SUM('Technicians history'[New Delta]),Calendar[Date]<TODAY()) & UNICHAR(10) &

"Azure Cost: " & AzureCostL2D & " (PD: " & AzureCostL3D & " , " & AzureDiff &")" & UNICHAR(10)
in order present in it i entered this measure as a value in a table vizualiation in a report , which was pinned into a dsahboard like you can see here: 
until last week the daily Email was great for our needs and it was running like this for years:
last week, altough no change was done from my side, the last 3 rows (marked in red above)  in the emial alert were cut. only in the email alert, 
like here :
The report and the dashboard looks the same (see above - 1st screenshot is from today) 
I tried to expaned to column and play with the tile size and nothing happens, 
the text in the Email only is still being cut. 
any suggstions why this is happening and what can be done ? 
venal Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Daily Email subscription cuts text off


Please submit a support ticket to investiagte.

Super User
Super User

Re: Daily Email subscription cuts text off

Hi there

What happens if you make the dashboard tile larger?

I am not sure why it has started to chop it off.

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eranatatera Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Daily Email subscription cuts text off

Nothing happens, i try to play with the szie several times. 


n oeffect 

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