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amien Member

Costs of PowerBI Cloud

Can someone explain what are the costs for PowerBI Cloud?


I know this site :


* Power BI Free  : 1GB per user per month (and 250 per data model) : 0 dollar

* Power BI Pro : 10GB  per user per month (and 250 per data model) : 10 dollar


So this would mean if i have 25 users, it would cost 25 x 10 dollar = 250 dollar per month.


are there any additional costs? for O365 for example?



Super User
Super User

Re: Costs of PowerBI Cloud

Power BI does require an Azure AD account to authenticate to so you need to have an Azure account or Office 365 tenant setup. I am not entirely clear on the costs for must having a basic Azure account stood up solely for Azure AD accounts to sit in, but my guess is that would be your least expensive route.

BTW, yes, $250 per month and it requires an annual subscription and I believe you pay for that up front (don't quote me, I'm not a licensing expert, Microsoft has people whose actual title is "Licensing Expert").

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Re: Costs of PowerBI Cloud

@amien In addition to what @Greg_Deckler said there are other Office365 components that you would need in order to fully support all the features for Power BI Groups. (Exchange, One Drive for Business) - but are not required for using Power BI.

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greggyb New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: Costs of PowerBI Cloud

Just adding on to the answers from @Greg_Deckler and @Seth_C_Bauer.


Basic Azure AD is free with Power BI. If you just want to get Power BI Pro licenses, the $250 / month in your example is the total cost. As @Seth_C_Bauer said, some components are integrations with O365, and anything that depends on O365 will require an O365 license.

djnww Established Member
Established Member

Re: Costs of PowerBI Cloud

Yes. Only $250 if you are comparing it to Tableau or Qlik. Unbelievable value for money.