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Column Chart by Month Not Working

Hi all,

I'm trying to show all the charts on a report by "Month name" on the x-axis, but only showing the months that fall in the date slider period highlighted in yellow (screenshot below).


All three graphs (Operator Efficiency, Availability, OEE) are measures and each of them have the same field, "Month_Name", on the x-axis, however, the Availability graph is showing all months' data (not just the month(s) that fall within the date slider selection).


Any ideas on why this may be? Happy to give more info if required.

Resolver I
Resolver I

@LiziM It would be great if you can share the Availability Measure . It seems like something need to be check in the measure

To understand the Availability calculation you will need some background:

The Shift_Data table is used to capture production output, which can either be captured by shift (so once at the end of the day; if two different types of products are made during the shift, there will be two records in this Shift_Data table for that shift) or by hour (so each hour is a new record in the shift data table).

The Availability measure uses the following calulation:


Availability = 1-


The "Downtime" shown above is a column from the Shift_Data table, while "Available_Time" is a calculated column shown below ("Type" indicates whether the data was captured hourly or by shift):


//this is the full hour/shift - planned downtime
//Hourly available time:
60-[Planned Downtime],
//Shiftly available time:
if([Find_last_entry_for_same_Shift]="MAX",LOOKUPVALUE('Shift_Setup'[Total Shift time],'Shift_Setup'[ID],[Shift_Setup_ID])-[Planned Downtime]


There is another table called "Shift_Setup" which gives the total time for a shift when data is captured by shift, which is what is being referenced above. The "Planned downtime" above comes from the Shift_Data table. The "

[Find_last_entry_for_same_Shift]="MAX"" part of the formula ensures that the shift time isn't duplicated if more than one product is recorded for that shift. 
It is quite a complex model, so let me know if I must explain further.
Resolver I
Resolver I

@LiziM Can you please check the Slicer interaction
Select "Date" Slicer, Go to "Format"--> Edit Interactions



Hi there, Thank for the response! 

I tried turning off interactions (on two charts for comparison) here:



And then turning on (for two charts again) here:




The Availability graph doesn't behave as expected- it appears to change the values in the graph, but the x-axis still displays all months. The Availability measure is a bit complicated, but I can share it if need be. Let me know.


Thanks agin!


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