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Changing font in Python visual

Does anyone know if it's possible to render a Python visual in a non-default font (default=Deja Vu Sans) in Service? I'm trying to create a Python visual using the DIN font to match the rest of my report, but in the Service, that visual just renders using the default font. I thought maybe it was because DIN isn't pre-loaded so tried using a rough equivalent of Bahnschrift, but that didn't work either. Thoughts?

Super User
Super User

You may want to provide more details.  Which renderer are you using? Pyplot ?


How to Change Fonts in Matplotlib (With Examples) - Statology

Sorry - yes, matplotlib pyplot.


The link you provided shows how to change font in the python code itself. I don't have any issues with that. I can change the font and it updates fine in Power BI Desktop. When I publish the report to Service, though, all those font changes to DIN don't hold and the python visual defaults back to matplotlib's default font of Deja Vu Sans.

That's too bad. Maybe you can ask the product team what they support in that area. I am only aware of an article about supported python packages.

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