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Capacity Usage Metrics are high

Exceeding 80% over 39 times > CPU


Exceeding 80% over 73 time > Memory Thrashing


20 GB > Memory Usage



This can't be good metrics! How can I stabilize the environment?

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Capacity Usage Metrics are high

Hi @ThePowerBIQueen

It seems you have very large (in-memory) dataset. Which premium capacity do you have and how large is your dataset?

This article describes how the Power BI premium service manages resources and provides tips on planning and optimizing your solution.


Additionaly, there is something you may do with my Power BI query / data load to prevent this memory usage.

you can follow those two articles to optimize data model to improve the performance:

Data Import Best Practices in Power BI

Power BI Performance Tips and Techniques

Ten Techniques for Optimising Memory Usage in Microsoft Power BI


If you refresh data in Service, In my opinion, it would be better to refresh the report when the server (which has On-Premises data gateway and data source) is not heavy.




Best Regards