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diverdown1964 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Can't display the visual

I'm receiving a "Can't display the visualization" message on a number of report elements in a report that I have just deployed for a customer. The reports render just fine in PBUI Desktop, but are failing in the service. As far as I can tell, this is related to filters. If I set the filter values to empty, everything is fine.


I'd call this a bug - is there anything that I can do to mitigate this?




konstantinos Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Can't display the visual

@diverdown1964 If I remember correct when it happened was due to different reasons...First time when I clicked in details there was a message that couldn't read a measure or calculated field..Changed it and worked..The other time it was when I changed the reports from onedrive business and refresh on demand..strangely after waited about an hour ( when auto fetches the data from onedrive) magically fixed..

Hope any of above apply to you but it happened to me sometimes without a specific reproducable pattern..

Konstantinos Ioannou
diverdown1964 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Can't display the visual

In this case, when I empty the filter, it works, when I re-add it, it fails. Smells like a bug to me. Experimenting with different creation options now - will keep you posted.....

bowTieAI New Member
New Member

Re: Can't display the visual

I observe the same problem when connecting to a SQL DB. I have read-only access to the databases I view; but my collegues with Admin-level access do not get this error message. They can, in fact, see a visualization of the identical data at which I've attempted to look. We downloaded and ran the identical Desktop installer. There are three in my group two of us have Windows 8.1 and one administrator has 7. For each administrator with "owner" rights to the database, they can see the visualized data. We plan to elevate my privileges to see if I observe the same behavior as an "owner." So that begs the question:


Is one's ability to visualize data governed by their role?

wynhopkins Member

Re: Can't display the visual

This is happening to me, displays fine in for me in my workspace online and via iphone app,  however will not display any tiles for other users in either environment


Turned out to be caused by a problem with Row Level Security.  I have lodged a ticket