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Veles Member

Can't delete machine learning model

I've created a dataflow and thought I'd have a quick go at using the machine learning categorisation. However I forgot that this only works on a premium workspace and my dataflow will no longer refresh. I can't see any way to delete the machine learning model though!

GaneshMullia Visitor

Re: Can't delete machine learning model


Any luck here? I have created a dataflow to store some data and also enabled ML model by mistake. Is there a way I can get this deleted. Due to this I am unable to refresh the dataflow, as I am not in Premium Capacity

alex0603 New Member
New Member

Re: Can't delete machine learning model

Go to the edit queries portion,  you should see your entities and several additional queries added by the ML module.  delete the queries starting at at the bottom.  Some are dependent and will not let you delete one with a dependency.  Do not delete the entities.   Save and exit and you should be good