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kedarn1991 Frequent Visitor
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Re: Best way to work as a external consultant?

Is it a one time fee to the customer or a monthly (with timeframe contract) premium? Thank you.

@calerof wrote:

Hi @deangelodenis,


I'd rather answer in English so any body can keep track; no I haven't received any comment. In my last assignment with an external client - July 2018 - I requested a dedicated laptop computer, which should remain turned on all the time, to download Power BI desktop and code and prepare the dashboards and create the data gateway.

I used a dedicated company email domain for myself.

I asked the company to buy one pro subsciption for me and to decide how many they wanted depending upon the number of executives (owner and relatives in this case) wanted the dashboards.

I don't have any access to the data nor the dashboards or even my DAX coding, everything stayed in the Company as they are the proprietors of the data.

As overall I think the project was a success, and the client is very happy.

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calerof Member

Re: Best way to work as a external consultant?

Hi @kedarn1991 ,


Normally is a one time fee depending on the time you take to finish the work.