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ErikK77 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Best way to embed Power BI content in local web application (have Power BI Premium)


I have a question regarding the best way to embed Power Bi reports in local web applications on our intranet.


  • I have a Power BI Pro License and can get additional Pro licenses if needed.
  • My company has Power BI Premium Capacity
  • I have several workspaces assigned to the Premium capacity whose reports/dashboards I would like to embed.
  • I do not want the users to have to log on to their Azure AD accounts before being able to see the power bi content.
  • Some of the web applications will run on non-AD connected devices, although they are still on our intranet. For example, a device connected to a large screen showing some Power BI content via a local web application with no user interaction.

Please don’t tell me that we have to pay for Power BI embedded capacity as well as the Power BI Premium capacity in order to achieve the above…?

Best regards,

Erik Karlsson

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Best way to embed Power BI content in local web application (have Power BI Premium)

Hi @ErikK77

Power BI embedded dedicated capacity is required to move to production after you've completed developing your application.

This means each user of your organization can login to your company App and see the power bi embed content with their own account.


Without Power BI embedded dedicated capacity, you could also emebed power bi content to your company App with Power BI Premium capacity, but this way the content is the same for the organization instead of distinguishing for each user.

Tutorial: Embed a Power BI report, dashboard, or tile into an application for your organization


Best Regards




ErikK77 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Best way to embed Power BI content in local web application (have Power BI Premium)

Hi Maggie - Thanks for you response!

I have actually done at least part of the tutorial you suggested, and got it showing a dashboard that I have previously published. The problem is that it seems I have to log in as my user in order to see the dashboard. In some cases that is fine but I also have a web application with no user interaction that shows information on big screens on our premises and it would be very nice to be able to show some Power BI generated content on those screens.

Is there any way to use a service account with Power BI Pro to automatically authenticate in the "UserOwnsData" example so that I can show the content pubished on our Premium capacity with no user interatction? If yes, can you point me in the right direction for information on how to do it?

Also, please let me know if I missed something or if I am misunderstanding something.


Thanks in advance!