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Any benefits of using MSSQL with PowerBI instead of another DBMS?

We currently need to choose the database management system(DBMS) that we will use to store our data that will be displayed on Power BI Online.


We are wondering if there are any additionnal benefits to choose Microsoft SQL Server over another DBMS like PostgreSQL for example.  Since SQL Server is also a Microsoft product (like Power BI) we are curious to know if there are any additionnal benefits of using it with Power BI.


I know there are differences between SQL Server and other DBMSs, but I am wondering if there are benefits that are very specific of using it as a data source for Power BI (ex: is the refresh rate better, are there more extracts, is it better for direct query than using PostgreSQL, ...)

Note: The DBMS that we will choose will be hosted on Azure.

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Super User

Hi there

I would recommend looking into DirectQuery for Power BI, it can have a lot of demand on the underlying DBMS system that you use.

With that being said I would recommend Azure SQL because it has direct integration with Azure, where you do not need a gateway and if you have Power BI and your Azure SQL DB in the same region performance connectivity to the DB will be very good.

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Thanks @GilbertQ  for your answer!


I wonder what would be different in Power BI between using Azure SQL Database and using Azure Database for PostgreSQL

I thought that it would have the same benefits as you mention (direct integration with Azure, and possibility to host to the database in the same region to have better connectivity).


I agree that both should work fine.

The only reason I personally would go with Azure SQL Database is there is a lot of examples of how to integrate with Power BI.

As well as a lot of resources and people who have experience on this community and others on SQL Server.

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