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astarkey Frequent Visitor
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Add a new rows to a custom table after dataset refresh

Is it possible to add new rows of data to a table following a dataset refresh?
I basically want to somehow snapshot certain counts at the pointvof refresh....

I report on the size of a fleet of equipment and that can change but there is no date field in the original database for me to track the fluctuation in fleet size etc...

If I could somehow snapshot this count at each refresh of my dataset I could at least show a trend line against this fleet size.

Any help would be great!!
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Super User

Re: Add a new rows to a custom table after dataset refresh

Two possible ways of going about this (probably more). One would be to use an R Script step in your query to snapshot the data to something like a SQL Server database using RODBC module. Another approach would be to leverage the PowerApp integration to manually enter the data after each refresh. There may be a Flow solution as well. Typically though, when needing to snapshot data, the R approach in the query is the way to go. You can then create a query to pull this data into your data model for use as historical reference.

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