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Access Shared Power BI report (External user) - Hanging

For the last six months I have been developing Power BI reports that I have shared with users that our outside my domain.  My users have now come back to me indicating that they can no longer access these reports.


Note I've tested this experience myself by using a user account that I have that is external to the reporting domain.  I am able to add users via the Share Report experience.  I received the email granting me access, clicked on the link; however, the session just hangs with a "loading" message that does not disappear.  There is no message that comes back from the service with a "denied" access message....the reports just sits there saying "loading".   This only happens to users who are outside my domain.  All internal users are able to acces reports with no issues.


Please help.


hi  @kdelosh 

The similar problem had been submitted to power bi-product team, 

Since we are only Community Support, the latest news from power bi-product team is above, and I works well on my side,

for your case, I would suggest you submit a support ticket to get further help from power bi support team.





Community Support Team _ Lin
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Hi Lili,


For some reason the Microsoft support team that is working on my issue for the NSW Gov't cannot find any issue that matches my problem.  You pointed me to ticket #195050809 which matches my issue exactly.  Are you able to tell me how I can point the Microsoft support team to this ticket system?


I really dont understand how they are unable to find it, but I am unable to talk to them directly.  I have to go thru an internal IT support team first who then talks to Microsoft support.


I am getting silly questions like do I have a Power BI pro lic (yes I do).  Am I running a personal gateway?  Again yes I do and more importantly....I have been sharing reports for > 1 year and now all external users cannot access any report.


Please help me help the Microsoft support team working on NSW gov tenant.





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I have the exact same problem with an account in our organisation. The problem started to occur about a month ago, when the user tried to share a report with an external organisation.  From this, the user can no longer share with internal or external users. 


Points to Note

- Account has a pro license

- Account is sharing to acccounts with pro licenses.

- cant share with internal or external users.

- can share to users who was already added to the permissions before the problem started.

- accounts all use the latest google chrome. 



Attempts to Fix

-  Tried different browsers ( EDGE, Firefox, Internet explorer)

- Tried sharing by link and email

- Removing the user and readding permissions.

- Removing 'Free Power bi license' from the account. 

- Sharing a new report

- clearing cache

- using a different computer

- different internet connection



Nothing seems to work. I've also raised a support ticket with microsoft and waiting for a call back. I really need this fixing.  I've seen a few posts about this problem over the last month. I think its due to a licensing problem, since the account was also struggling with a Visio license.

Final Update

After numerous escalations, my issue was finally raised to Microsoft technical support and resolved.

Here is the summary of the closure of this ticket. Note the support engineer was from China so the English translation of the trouble ticket may be confusing to some.


Basically the B2B tunnel for my report for external users was not working. The workaround was to create a new B2B tunnel to our Tenant. Once a user used this new B2B tunnel, the original B2B tunnel became functional again. The Microsoft support engineer could not comment on why this fixed the issue.....only that it does fix the issue.

Ticket Number: 120073026000052 (This is the trouble ticket that was raised by Microsoft to manage my issue)


Problem Description: Some user found themselves forever looping into loading page after open Power BI B2B invite Link. ========================================

Resolution: Access to B2B Share Link home page could mitigated issue:  This action only need to be done once for each influenced user. We recommended to add this workaround to option message in sharing window for your convenience. Note(Aug-13): It is confirmed that there are three influenced user’s issue is mitigated via above method. ========================================


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