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krazineurons Frequent Visitor
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Access On-Prem data in Excel via On-premises data gateway


I have a rich and interactive excel workbook which is built against pivot tables fetching data from a multidimensional cube. I would like to now host this workbook online on office365 sharepoint. Is it possible to do so?


I was assuming it is and the way it would work is via the On-premises data gateway. Here was the workflow i intened to follow:


1) Connect the MD Cube data source to On-Premise data gateway

2) Build a new Power BI report and add the dataset

3) Use analyse in excel to get an instance of the report in excel

4) Build the pivot tables and publish the workbook to the o365 sharepoint site.


Would it work?

v-haibl-msft Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: Access On-Prem data in Excel via On-premises data gateway



That should work. You can connect to on-premises Analysis Services (AS) databases using DirectQuery, and include data in reports created using Analyze in Excel. You must be on the same Active Directory domain as the AS database.

Please take a look at this document for details.


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