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Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

About timeout on update

Can anyone explain this as driving me nuts. i have 5 models refreshed on schedule and frequently some of them will just time out giving the error below.  There is no pattern to it. the one elow refreshes avery few hours and you can see yesterday everyone no problem, then first one this morning timed out, but an immediate manaul refresh as fine.  What is this message saying as it isnt a problem with my gateway or model or data? I get 3 or 4 a day of the 12 refreshes being scheduled.


Thanks for advice




Community Support
Community Support

Hi masplin,


Please check if you have updated your gateway to the lastes version and also check if PBIEgwService is always running on your server.



Jimmy Tao

I thoguht i had replied. I have an updated gateway but dont see PBIEgwService running if i search for 2services2 look down the list.


What is driving me nuts is the things runs fine several times then just times out. Then i run it manaully fine.  i have 6 models refreshing and some run and others time out. There is just no pattern and really getting annoying.  so I know there is no error in them odel or data. What does "Timeout" actually mean as very unhelpful message?


Thnaks for any assitance



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