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About Power BI Metrics

Is it possible to add date types to the metrics feature of Power BI? It can be used for time alerts and there are many other applications.

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Solution Sage

Yes, it is possible to add date data types to the metrics feature in Power BI. You can create calculated columns with date and time data types, and then use those calculated columns in metrics to track specific date and time information.

For example, you can create a calculated column to extract the month or year from a date column, and then create a metric to count the number of rows with a certain month or year. This can be useful for tracking trends or analyzing data by specific time periods.

Additionally, you can use the DAX function NOW() to track the current date and time, and create metrics that dynamically update based on the current date and time. This can be useful for creating time-sensitive metrics, such as tracking how many items are due in the next 7 days.

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