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Power BI Team rpatkar
Power BI Team

Re: subscriptions parameters empty

hi Dan,


Can you please try upgrading to the build out on download center Version 1.1.6582.41691 (Build 14.0.600.442), Released: January 10, 2018. We think the fix for cascading parameter bug actually made it into that build. In the changelog there was a bug fix mentioned as Model.GetParameters returning 400 which we think will cover the cascading parameter issue as well.



denglishbi Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: subscriptions parameters empty

With the March 2018 release of Power BI Report Server the subscription cascading parameter issue has been resolved.


Unfortunately it appears that this release has introduced a new bug now with all of our Report Headers and Footers and making references to Parameters! in expressions we are getting #Error on expression logic. I will add a new item to Forums for this issue, but this one for sure is a show stopper.