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static data in table

Hi All,

I am using multiple tables from multiple sources.I have a requirement where we need to take a snapshot of data in beginning of quarter and maintain it through out the quarter without refreshing it in only one single table.  I was able to achieve so by loading the table in power bi desktop and disabling the refresh. But when i publish it , it refreshes all the data including the snapshot table as well. I need to take snapshot of current quarter only so i am unable to do it in incremental refresh as it stores data for previous quarters(I might be wrong here as i am learning it). Do you guys can suggest any idea how to make a table fixed for  a quarter while other tables refresh daily?


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Re: static data in table

You might need to have another ETL (SSIS) layer which can fulfill the requirement and that can refresh the quaterly static table. 


Without the ETL I don't think it is possible just with the PowerBI alone.



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