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reports not completing

Most (90%) of the time running reports on the Power BI Service they never complete on their own.


I have a report with three dependent visuals.

Clicking a record in one visual filters the data shown in the other two.

So when I click a record the other two visuals start loading with the spinning icon. But they never complete!!

If I click the refresh icon they then load corectly.


I often get the same issue when loading a report (and in this case when it does not load clicking the refresh button has no effect).


I get the same issue using either Edge or Chrome on my PC.

Colleagues running Safari on a Mac have lightning fast response.


When the issue is happening I can see that the report tab is using 1-2% (0.5% on the report when nothing is happening on it) processor and nothing happening on network traffic.

It's as if it's got stuck in an endless loop

Frequent Visitor

OK I found what's causing the problem (from a functional point of view).

Its not having my PC set to set the time automatically!!

If I set it to set the time automatically the reports start working correctly.


In case you're wondering why I don't have my PC set to set the time autoomatically.

It's because of a bug in Word which needs me to not set daylight saving automatically so that it works correctly (


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