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email dashboard visualization

Hi all,

I am getting interested in PowerBI and I need a few information about how reports are shared via email.

I know that reports can be shared through email subscription: what does the subscriber receive? a report directly in the body of the email? a link to the dashboard in the server? the dashboard in attachment? Does the subscriber needs to be signed in in PowerBI?


On the other hand, it is possible to share reports via email without subscriptions? Can the report be sent directly in the body of the email?

thanks a lot for your support!

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Re: email dashboard visualization

Hi there

Currently when the subscription is sent they get an email with an image of the dashboard at the time it was sent.

In the body of the email they also get sent a link to the dashboard (which they can view if they have the required permissions)

As far as I am aware they can receive the email subscription via email without being signed in, but if they want to view any more details they will need to be signed in and have a Power BI Pro license.

Currently when you share a report or dashboard, the person gets a link (URL) to the dashboard or report. There is no image attachments sent.
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