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can not create scheduled refresh plan

Hi everybody, Please help me

When I want to create scheduled refresh plan, this error occures:

****The SQL Agent service is not running, This option requires the SQL Agent service.****

I checked my SQL Agent service in Microsoft SQL Server Management and started it but above error is shown again and not solved.

How can I solve this error and create an scheduled refresh plan?

Note that I get data from sql server DB with Import option.

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @fatemehdashti, the user account used to connect Power BI Reporting Services Service to the Report Server database must be, at least, member of the SQLAgentOperatorRole on msdb database, in order to create jobs. (refresh plans create jobs internally to deal with schedules)


Can you check that? It is a permission on the server that hosts the Report Server database.

Thanks@muchinski, I set my user properties like below, Do you mean this? Unfortunatelly the error is shown again, Please guide me more.


Hi, I meant the user that connect PBIRS to the database. You can find it using Report Server Configuration Manager (image bellow).



In addition, do you see any error message on SQL Agent Log? 


Hi, my Report Server Configuration Manager is:


Also I set login properties for "NT AUTORITY\SYSTEM" like this:


But I still see some errors on SQL Agent log:


and It is showen previous error again whenI create a scheduled refresh plan. I'm really confuesed. What do I do now?

On your report server configurations, the connection is made with NT AUTHORITY\Network Service, but you gave permissions to NT AUTORITY\SYSTEM. They are different users -> I believe that this is the problem.


Why don’t you try to change the database configurations of your report server to use the built-in suggest account (more secure)? Or create a database user for your PBIRS authentication?


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did you find a solution for this?tnx

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