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Which version of Power-BI Report Server allows deploying report with all data source connectivity?



After going through lots of message my understanding is latest report server with GA version is PowerBI Report Server (Version- 14.0.600.305, June 2017). 


As in our organization we are in R&D phase and had acquired pro license for upcoming development activities. But we are facing a concern where we dont have Analysis Services models – both Tabular and Multidimensional (cubes) to connect create report to deploy and check our test report in PowerBI Report Server (Version- 14.0.600.305, June 2017). 


So my question is there any version of PowerBI Report Server which supports all data source report deployment ?


And as per my understand the August preview should allows all datasource reports to be deployed in report server in that case when will be GA version will be released.


Currently using Version- 14.0.600.305, June 2017 for PowerBI desktop and Power Report Server 



Senthil Selvam


Yes, you outlined it correctly:


  • June PBIRS supports only live connections to AS models
  • August PBIRS is a preview release (not supported for production) that has support for all data sources, but cannot refresh
  • Upcoming PBIRS release is production and supports all cached data sources, and most for refresh. 

Officially the upcoming release is planned for mid Q4 CY2017, so it should be soon. 


thats great @Jon-Heide , do you think that will be in the next 2 weeks?

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