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What is the effect of not providing DAX filter to secuirty table in SSAS tabular model

Hi all,

I need some clarification on providing DAX filters to SSAS tabular model.

I have a tabular model created with one role "viewer" and tabular model has 3 tables as:

Topics with columns: distinct Topicid

TopicDetails with columns: topicname, topicid, year, etc

UserTopics with columns: User and Topicid accessed to him. UserTopics is the security table here.


relationship is UserTopics ->Topics (based on Topicid column, both side relationship) & Topics -> TopicDetails (based on Topicidcolumn, both side relationship).


I defined Viewer Role with Read Permissions & applied DAX filter to TopicDetails as

=TopicDetails [topicid]=
LOOKUPVALUE(UserTopics [topicid],UserTopics [User],RIGHT(USERNAME(),LEN(USERNAME())-SEARCH("\",USERNAME())),

UserTopics [topicid],TopicDetails [topicid])

But i didn't define FALSE() for UserProjects.


Powerbi report is devleoped using this tabular model & powerbi report is embedded to the application. When browsing application and user accessing the report, does there will be any issue that user won't receive correct results (as i didn't define FALSE() to Security table)..


I acheived correct results When i gave FALSE() filter to Security table & when i didn't give FALSE() filter also.

Can any one please confirm on this?? Does givimg FALSE() is mandatory when embedding into application?


Thanx in advance..


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