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What is History snapshot retention in PBI report server and How it works ?

I saw this in site level settings but to be honest i don't know how it works and i did not see this option in any report properties,

Any one can help me on that ? Thanks a lot




That means you are looking at a pbix based report. History Snapshots are only available for paginated (rdl based) reports.

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Does any one can explain me  how to use this ? 




When you click on the ... menu for a report and choose the Manage option there is a tab there for History Snapshots. This basically saves a copy of your report at that point in time. The screen you are showing is where you set the default for the number of snapshots that the system should store. If more than that number of report snapshots are saved the oldest one gets removed. You can either create snapshots manually or on a schedule.  

Hello @d_gosbell 


thanks for you reply. From what i see in the official document. I should be able to see snapshot option like you said

but i don't why this not works for me.. that's the reason i post my question

if i open one report properties i can only see

data sources

scheduled refresh

ROW-level security



Any clue?



That means you are looking at a pbix based report. History Snapshots are only available for paginated (rdl based) reports.



Well, i did not realize this is not supported for PBI report. We have SSRS report to hold DRL reports. 


Thanks for the clearify anyway . Is there a plan to support PBIX report?




I have not seen any announcements from Microsoft saying they plan to support this.


But if I had to guess I would say that this is highly unlikely. This is an old feature from SSRS which is why it works with rdl reports. Plus the issue with pbix reports is that they are highly interactive with slicers, cross filtering and drillthrough. You can't really just take a snapshot you'd need to backup the entire file.



I want the same feature to be enabled for few reports. I need to backup/move my current report before data refresh in every month. Is there a way to achieve this ? 

Note: Need an automatic process.

Please help me on this issue.

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