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Ghazilam Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Visuals move seperately from report background image when selecting 3 different report page views

i have tried many different report background image sizes with the 16:9 screen size.

The best fit so far is 1280x743.


Unfortunately the visuals move seperately from visuals when choosing the 3 differentpage view sizes. Fit to Page, Fit to Width or Actual SIze.

I have tried every setting of the background image: fill, fit or default.

When select each different page view the visuals do not scale with the background image or vica versa. This happens especially vertically. This means that I cannot use horizontal lines in my background, since the visuals move over it when viewed in different page views.


In the image below, the horizontal purple line and the line to the far right is part of the background image with a logo that has been removed. As you can see, the visuals (blanked rectangular boxes), moves over the horizontal line. This happens in Power BI Desktop and the browser.



Can someone help me to get the correct image size and setting so that my visuals do not move independantly from the background image?