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Helper II

User access permissions to reports



I am using the trial version of Power BI report server. I have published a report in Power BI report Server and I want other domain users in the org to view the report. If I add a domian user as Administrator role in the User Accounts of the machine where the Power BI report server is running then only that user is able to view the report using the Report server URL. This user is trying to access the URL from a different machine. If I remove the domain user from the User account of the machine then that user is not able view the report. So now the problem is I do not want to add all the report viewers as Administrators in the user accounts of the machine but at the same time I want the users to view the report. How I can I achieve this?




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I am using Pro, but I can only add users by email address and do not seem to be able to add Domain groups? I tried to use an email distribution list but that did not work either.

Helper I
Helper I

Couple things,

1. Make sure that the firewall is allowing port 80 outbound and inbound on the machine where the report server is installed.

2. on the reportserver page, click on the manage options > security > add users or group and enter "DOMAIN\Username of the person". give the type of permissions you want to give him. hit save. done.


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what if if we dont see Manage folder in site , as I am getting same issue

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Did you resolve the issue? Having the same issue


I'm logged in as the admin user but still cannot see anything

Helper I
Helper I



Users you'd like to share your report should be pro or in trial version too. First, you need to give permisson from app. 


1.Workspaces-Edit workspace

2.Dataset- Manage permissons and add users.


Thx for your reply. In the Report server we have go to the Reports section We have to click on the Ellipsis and click on the Manage optoin. There we need to provide the permissions to the user to whom we want to share the report. and sahre the URL to the point to that report.

Pro is not needed for the user to view

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