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Use the webpage backend and the IIS as a proxy to the ReportServer


My company currently uses SyncFusion as graphical library and wish to change to the Power BI totally on-prem through the Report Server. We have hundreds of customers over the internet that will see the reports embedded in a web page hosted in an IIS.

The problem is that the iframe goes direct to the Report Server, and my company doesn't want this. My company wishes that the iframe( or another thing that allow embedding reports in web pages ) goes to the backend, and the IIS machines do the requests to the Report Server and return the results to the external customer, to protect the Report Server and avoid other people to see the report or even external customers accessing data from other external customers.

Our intention:
-Upload our reports to the ReportServer
-Create hidden filters in the reports to avoid an external customer see data from another external customer
-Embed these reports through an iframe( or another thing ) in a page hosted in an IIS
-Use the backend as a proxy to avoid customers change the filter that goes through the URL, avoid direct access to the URL through the web browser, and avoid random people over the internet to access the ReportServer. Using the IIS and the network security as a protection to the ReportServer

Is it possible?

Ps: We will not use the CustomSecuritySample of the Report Server. We tried, but we don't like it.


Best Regards,



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