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Use SSAS report as an auto-refreshing dashboard



We have an on-prem PowerBI Report Server and we are developing a report with a Live Connection to SSAS cube.


We want to set-up this report to work as a kind-of operational dashboard with auto-refresh of the data as the data changes in SSAS cube.


Is it possible with on-prem PowerBI Report Server and a report with a Live Connection to SSAS cube?

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Hello... what's the status of this now?  Is this now available for PBIRS?  How about in Cloud Service... what's the lowest auto-refresh rate?  I've seen in some articles it's 15min... but this is not good enough.  Is there a way to set it to closer to real-time?

@RT3308 wrote:

Is there a way to set it to closer to real-time?

There have been no changes to this in PBIRS. If you want true "real-time" you can do that in the service with streaming datasets. see

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Thanks for the reply... 


Actually - we have the same setup in PowerBI Cloud Service connected to SSAS through On-Prem Gateway.  I've seen some articles to set it to auto-refresh but the dropdown can only go up to 15min as its lowest value.  Is there a way to refresh the visuals (connection to SSAS through the gateway) in PBI Cloud Service?


@RT3308 wrote:

I've seen some articles to set it to auto-refresh but the dropdown can only go up to 15min as its lowest value.

So this thread was originally about the on-prem report server. If you are using the cloud service and you have a premium capacity your tenant admin should have control over the lowest value you can set for the auto refresh.

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Thanks... and sorry for diverting the question to CloudService - I noticed you've mentioned cloud service to your response two year ago.  I figured you might be knowledgeable for both 🙂 
So what if our cloud service is only Pro (Shared Capacity) and not Premium?  Is it still possible to go lower than 15min?  The Microsoft Articles I've been reading is lacking this information... so not sure if it's even possible.

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Super User

If what you want is to run a report on a screen somewhere and have it auto-update without any user interaction then this is not currently possible in PBIRS.


They have started adding this sort of functionality to the cloud service, but there is no indication if or when this might come to PBIRS. One work around would be to use some sort of browser extension to trigger a refresh of the browser page based on a timer, that would then pull the latest data from the SSAS model.

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