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Unable to Schedule Data Refresh from Web Page



I'm having a real issue getting the scheduled refresh of data to work in the PowerBI Report Server. Below is a brain dump of what I have done and what is not working.


I am harvesting data from a webapp html page that depends on url parameters. The credentials in the Data Sources tab work fine and are marked as Connected Successfully but when the scheduled refresh runs it errors complain gthat the credentials provided cannot be used.


[0] -1055784932: The credentials provided cannot be used for the Web source. (Source at <App Url>.). The exception was raised by the IDbCommand interface.

Additionally I have noticed that the Data Sources tab does not show the complete URL including paramters ni the Connection String box...


Can anyone guide me on how to get this web page Data Source to work?


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Re: Unable to Schedule Data Refresh from Web Page



Do you find a solution for this issue?