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mimran_1 New Member
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URL Masking in Power BI Report Server

Hi All,

We are hosting our reports at the on-premises power bi report server. Upon opening the report the URL shows the server credentials in URL for example http://MMxxDB1234,1234/report


Due to some security purposes we do not want to expose this server credentials part (MMxxDB1234,1234) in the URL, to the end user consuming the report.


We want that this URL can be masked like it shows http://inhousereports/reports instead of displaying the Server details in URL.


It there anyway to achieve this? I would appreciate urgent help in this regards

Looking forward

Muhammad Imran

Jon-Heide Established Member
Established Member

Re: URL Masking in Power BI Report Server

If it's just for naming purposes you can use URL redirects. If it's for security to hide the name, you can use a network load balancer, or proxy server to hide the servers behind firewalls or a DMZ. Look at replacement root & URL root configurations in the report server when configuring these types of topologies.