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Advocate I

Take a report offline temporarily

Is there a simple way to take a report offline temporarily and make it unavailable to users?  For instance, a data source is unavailable and I don't want to show users a broken report.  Can I easily show a "we're working on fixing this" kind of message without deleting the report and republishing later?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

It can be done if you have an app with a default report . What we do is We have a unpublished Error report in our workspace with SYs downtime message and whenever all app or one of teh reports is down, we toggle off the Include in App and while publishing the App, make the error report visible and rename the error report tabs in "navigation" to the report name thats taken off the grid. In case whole app is off grid, we dont rename and keep the name error page as it is as thats the only one published to App in the meanwhile.




I love this idea too.  Thanks @AbhiSSRS !

Advocate I
Advocate I

Thank you @AlexisOlson  Unfortunately either I'm not understanding correctly or it's not working as expected.  My hope is that a link works when this setting is ON and is not available when it's OFF.  I haven't worked with publishing apps so I'm not sure if we're talking about the same thing.  I tested it, and the report is still available after changing it to OFF.

The distinction between a workspace and an app is often confusing but RADACAD has some useful articles on the subject:


Typically, you shouldn't be sharing via workspace except with collaborators. End-users who only view the reports should access them via an app (which is basically the published version of the workspace).


The toggle buttons I pointed out allow you to keep reports in a workspace but prevent them from appearing in the app.

Super User
Super User

You can toggle off specific reports in an app workspace.




This will make it disappear from the app but doesn't show any messages. I can't think of a way to show a placeholder without republishing.

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