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rt2754 Frequent Visitor
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TSQL SharedDataSources dbo.Catalog ConnectionString not updated with values in the Web Portal



Is there an update to this problem?  There is a TSQL (List connection strings of all SSRS Shared Datasources) for querying SharedDataSources off of the PowerBIReportServer database.  It works fine but when the Shared Datasource is updated from the web portal, it doesn't update the [CONTENT] in the Catalog.  It seems that the update is being saved since when I go back to the properties on the web portal, it retains the updated value of ConnectionString.  But why would it not reflect on the [CONTENT] in the dbo.Catalog?


I understand this was an issue in the previous versions of SSRS.  I'm wondering if there's a solution now that it's PBIRS?


Thanks in advance! Smiley Happy