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Advocate I

Subscriptions API does not work?

Hello Folks,


I've been struggling with the PBIRS API these days to move the whole content from one to another server. All goes fine until I faced some kind of inconsistences in the /subscriptions endpoint with post method. 


I'm sending the proper payload as body, as is it defined on


I fall back to the SOAP endpoints and, after review it, I found that the new Rest API is missing few important data to be able to create a new subscription. LocalizedDeliveryExtensionName is JUST a string, and nothing else. However, I think there are more details to add define the deliveryExtension settings (account, file share, etc..)


For records, here is a sample of the payload I'm sending to the server:

    "Id":  "b872df6e-4147-403b-a343-c1481329828b",
    "Owner":  "DEMOS2016\\SolidQMaster",
    "IsDataDriven":  false,
    "Description":  "TestSubscription99",
    "Report":  "/TestingUploads/otherFolder/subfolder/performance_dashboard_main",
    "IsActive":  true,
    "EventType":  "TimedSubscription",
    "Schedule":  {
                     "ScheduleID":  null,
                     "Definition":  {
                                        "StartDateTime":  "2018-10-29T02:00:00Z",
                                        "EndDate":  "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
                                        "EndDateSpecified":  false,
                                        "Recurrence":  {
                                                           "MinuteRecurrence":  null,
                                                           "DailyRecurrence":  {
                                                                                   "DaysInterval":  1
                                                           "WeeklyRecurrence":  null,
                                                           "MonthlyRecurrence":  null,
                                                           "MonthlyDOWRecurrence":  null
    "ScheduleDescription":  "At 2:00 AM every day, starting 10/29/2018",
    "LastRunTime":  "2018-10-29T11:28:39.953Z",
    "LastStatus":  "The file \"performance_dashboard_main.docx\" has been saved to the \"\\\\sql2017box01\\Delivery\" file share.",
    "DataQuery":  null,
    "ExtensionSettings":  null,
    "DeliveryExtension":  "Report Server FileShare",
    "LocalizedDeliveryExtensionName":  "Windows File Share",
    "ModifiedBy":  "DEMOS2016\\SolidQMaster",
    "ModifiedDate":  "2018-10-29T12:55:37.57Z",
    "ParameterValues":  [
                                "Name":  "Server",
                                "Value":  "localhost",
                                "IsValueFieldReference":  false

And here the powershell command posting the request on the server:

Invoke-restmethod -Uri "$DestServer/api/v2.0/Subscriptions"  -body $Body `
                    -ContentType 'application/json' `
                    -UseDefaultCredentials -Method Post  -Verbose

Any clue would be appreciated.

Thanks beforehand.



Víctor M.


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