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Scheduled refresh Web Data source Issue


 Hi guys,


I have a Power BI report published in the Power BI Report Server with has 3 DataSources, 1 web and 2 sql.


In the data sources tab, all of the data sources "connected successfully" when I clicked the "Test Connection" using "Basic Authentication" button. However, when I set a scheduled refresh, I get the following error message


    "The credentials provided connot be used for the Web source. (Source...) ..."


I'm not sure why this is the case because 

  1. In the data source tab, the web data source states connected successfully
  2. I'm able to manually refresh the report in Power BI Desktop without any issues with the same credentials

Below are my unsuccessful attempts I've taken to troubleshoot this issues 

  1. I changed the authentication type to Windows Authentication and resulted in the same issue (successful connection in data source tab, same error message in Schedule Refresh)
  2. I contacted our team that manages the web service and they claim that they haven't seen any requests from the server (I'm not sure how this is the case since how else can we know that the credentials are invalid)
  3. I accessed the log files on the server to find more detail on this issue. However the log messages are practically the same, and based under Miscrosoft Documentation, it is "invalid credentials"

Has anyone encountered this issue before?



bidax Frequent Visitor
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Re: Scheduled refresh Web Data source Issue



Do you find a solution for this issue?

Grumelo Regular Visitor
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Re: Scheduled refresh Web Data source Issue

Did you try to track the calls with Fiddler ?