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wskallmeyer Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Scheduled PBIRS refresh fails but report runs on March 2018 desktop

I have a report that runs fine on Desktop March 2018.  I upload it to the corresponding PBIRS version and it runs.  I then try to schedule it and it fails immediately with a generic message.  I make one change and upload the file and the refresh runs fine.


The only difference relates to the Json.Document paramters.

The one that works, I use a simple text parmater and add the value that way.

The one that fails, I use another Json.Document query to retrieve the date, convert it to a string and pass that as a value.


It runs successfully on my desktop but it will not refresh.  The only change is the code below.


relativePath = "BusinessServices/views/get_details",

//works on March 2018 PBI Desktop and on server Version 1.2.6660.39920 (March 2018)
//parameters = "?owning_dept_id=" & prmSectorDept & "&rinput_begin_date=" & prmFYStartDate & "&rinput_end_date=" & prmFYEndDate & "&$format=json",


//works on March 2018 PBI Desktop and FAILS on server Version 1.2.6660.39920 (March 2018)
parameters = "?dept_id=" & prmSectorDept & "&begin_date=" & setFiscalYearStartDate & "&end_date=" & setFiscalYearEndDate & "&$format=json",

Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents(prmUrl_denodo & relativePath & parameters )),
elements = Source[elements],



Any thoughts?