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SAP Data Sources on Report Server

Hello All,


1. We are able to successfully connect to SAP HANA and BW landscape using Power BI desktop version for our PBI Report Server (PBIRS) and publish reports to the Report server.


2. We were also able to create a SAP BW data source on the Report Server and the Test Connection was successful too (using Connection String for SAP BW). 


Right now we are only able to use Import mode and draw results into the desktop tool and publish them to the Report Server. But our DirectQuery (live connection) reports fail when we run them on our report server. How do we get around this issue?


Secondly we are not sure on how to leverage the SAP BW Data source in bullet#2 above created on report server to build a new report or to replace data source for existing report that was published by doing a Import.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Is this not available right now as I infer from this post?