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RomainDomart Visitor

ReportServer / Pro / Premium

Hi Everyone :
We are planning to move to PowerBI in my organisation, but I'm a bit lost with the possible choices for this solution.


For the moment, we are using PowerBI Free Desktop.
We do not have any Power BI Pro Licences.


We also have some SQL Server Entreprise with Software Assurance and so it seems that we have already access to licences for Power BI Report Server.

Our goal is to enable our BA/BI Analyst to publish their viz and dashboards to a common place (this Power BI Report Server?) for our internal clients.

Do we still need to purchase a Power BI Premium Licence?
I 've understood that we just need to purchase Pro Licence (as we already have a Power BI Report Server Licence) . Am I Right?


Thank you for your help


George1 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: ReportServer / Pro / Premium

No you don't need a Pro licence, but good to have one if you require to publish externally public dashboard.

Is your SQL EA Enterprice Core licences. As it needs to be Enterprise Core.

George1 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: ReportServer / Pro / Premium

Furthermore, you will need to not use the current Power BI Desktop you are using and use the Power BI Desktop for Report Server. It will have a bracket with the year and month release, currently January 2019. From this release they have also changed the colours of the icon to identify the 2. The one for report server is same as the one you are using but is inverted in colour. It is predominantly black