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Report was created with recent version of Power BI Desktop that is not yet supported by this server



Recently updated to the October version of Report Server (server and client). I'm able to create new reports without an issue, including saving to the report server. I am not able to publish existing reports back to the server though. I receive the generic "an error occurred while attempting to save the report to power bi report server" from inside PowerBI, and "We're not able to upload this report. The report was created with a recent version of Power BI Desktop that is not yet supported by this server." when trying to upload the existing report from a local copy. 


Confirmed both server and desktop client are the new one (client has the new logo with the RS in the corner).


Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hello @gboreki , thanks to your advice I solved problems reported in

But this is work around and not a solution. Now we have May desktops with October server. Can we expect fast fix for that?

Appreciate the tip, thank you gboreki. I've isolated an error below. I can confirm it was working as scheduled refresh today (long past Oct 2020 server upgrade ), and only broke when I opened/saved the file in my client. Below is the error message I am getting. What sticks out to me is the "authentication:null", as I've re-input the username/password for the account (database/basic authentication).


Another theory I had was the "Top" part of the Sql query potential causing the break. On another report I'm seeing this issue, I removed that part, still saw the same error. I deleted the Sql Server datasource, and any references in the book to it, and still saw the error on refresh, so my theory was busted.


SessionID: 8c076143-c28a-42cd-895f-3778a6f32f3b
[0] -1056505856: COM error: System.Core, Sequence contains no elements.
[1] -1055129594: The current operation was cancelled because another operation in the transaction failed.
[2] -1056505856: COM error: Microsoft.PowerBI.ReportServer.ASEngineManagedRoot, Datasource {"protocol":"tds","address":{"server":"SqlServerName","database":"DatabaseName"},"authentication":null,"query":"SELECT Top 50000 gl_journal_entry_detail.journal_entry_id , \n gl_journal_entry.source_document_type , \n gl_journal_entry.source_document_id , \n gl_journal_entry_detail.line_number , \n gl_journal_entry_detail.account_id , \n gl_account.description , \n gl_journal_entry_detail.amount , \n gl_journal_entry_detail.description , \n gl_journal_entry.transaction_date , \n gl_journal_entry.description , \n gl_journal_entry.edit_date_time , \n gl_journal_entry.batch_id , \n gl_journal_entry_detail.reference_number , \n gl_journal_entry.company_id , \n gl_journal_entry.edit_user_id \nFROM gl_account RIGHT OUTER JOIN gl_journal_entry_detail ON \ngl_account.account_id = gl_journal_entry_detail.account_id , \n gl_journal_entry \nWHERE ( gl_journal_entry.journal_entry_id = gl_journal_entry_detail.journal_entry_id ) AND \n ( ( gl_journal_entry.transaction_status = \u0027P\u0027 ) AND \n ( gl_journal_entry.journal_entry_type = \u0027F\u0027 ) ) \n AND (gl_journal_entry_detail.account_id LIKE \u0027%0001\u0027) \nORDER BY gl_journal_entry_detail.journal_entry_id ASC, \n gl_journal_entry_detail.line_number ASC"} is not found..

*Redacted the server/db name in orange. 

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