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Report Server Role Clarification

Hello all,


I am currently testing the various roles available on PowerBI Report Server for users such as My Reports, Publisher, Browser, etc. I have a few questions regarding differentiating these roles. First, with regards to the Report Builder Role, I'm trying to understand what report definitions are and how having the ability to download the report from the Server lets one access report definitions? Basically I'm trying to understand why a user would be assigned the Report Builder Role compared to other roles. Secondly, for the My Reports role, is the main differentiating feature the ability to access the My Reports folder (if it is enabled), as I am trying to differentiate its role from the publisher role. Also, is there a way to prevent users from downloading data from graphics in the Browser Role?


Thanks in advance.

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Resolver II


you could find the explanation on SSRS documentation, once that Power BI Report Server is a superset of SQL Server Report Server.
It is also possible to create or modify roles by using the SQL Server Management Studio.
Please, check the following link. There you will find a detailed explanation of each role.

Quick answer:
- Publisher: Is a user has this role assigned in one folder, he will be able to create new reports there and edit those reports that he owns.
- My Reports: enable a "My Reports" folder under the Home directory (if the My Reports SSRS option is enabled). This folder is seemed only by the user who owns the folder or by SSRS admins. It can be used as a sandbox for self-service reporting, for example.

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Hello @muchinski


Thank you for your reply. I looked at the documentation but it did not answer the questions I posted above. For example it does not define what report definitions are in the context of power bi and where the My reports and Report Builder roles would be used (example of use cases)?



Thx, would this mean that for publishing report to the My Reports folder a users would not be required to have a PowerBI Pro license since it can't be really considered as sharing the report (which is mentioned in the EULA)? 

Hi @JanV, well, I would NOT go that far. In my interpretation, the license is needed for those who author reports. Can someone from Microsoft please clarify this question?

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Anyone have any ideas?

Resolver I
Resolver I

Interested in this as well! Bump!

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