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Laz Member

Remove Scroll Bar in Clustered Column Chart

Hi Community,


So i am trying to display the previous 52 Weeks from Todays Date at anytime on a Column Chart. I managed to achieve the ability to return the last 52 weeks using the following DAX:


52Weeks = IF(AND(TML_CUBE_01[Dim Date.Date] >= TODAY()-364,TML_CUBE_01[Dim Date.Date]<=TODAY()),1,0)

However, from the below, you can see that i am experiencing the issue of not being able to display all the bars (52 Weeks) in the Column Chart, without having a scroll bar display. 

Bar Chart with Scroll.JPG



On the X-Axis i have the Fiscal Week selected, which is a string. I am looking for the option to select Categorical vs Continious however this does not display, which i am sure is due to the Data Type of Fiscal Week not being either a Date or Numeric.


However, when i remove Fiscal Week from the X-Axis and add the Date, I get the expected outcome. The entire columns are displayed without the need to scroll, therefore no Scroll Bar displays. Here i do have the option to select Type: Continous vs Categorical.

Bar Chart with no Scroll.JPG




So far i have tried adding the Fiscal Week and Date into a single Column Chart and drill down, but this returns the Scrioll Bar.

Any help would be much appreciated.





philipplenz Established Member
Established Member

Re: Remove Scroll Bar in Clustered Column Chart

The options has different granularities. 

The only was is to make more space for the visual or filter down the amount of values to display.

Laz Member

Re: Remove Scroll Bar in Clustered Column Chart

Thanks for the reply @philipplenz, however i undertand that making more space for the visual would show all the columns without the scroll bar, but that defeats the purpose of what i am trying to achieve. Also, if i filter down the values (which i assume you mean on the x-axis), this will display the incorrect data, as i am trying to return the previous 52 Fiscal Week from todays date.


The result i am looking for is doable in Excel, hence i know a solution must exist in Power BI. When i add Fiscal Week to the X-Axis, it now displays everyhting without a Scroll Bar after changing it from Data Type: String to Numerical. However, as you can see from the below image, as i have selected Continous, it now introduced a new challenge of filling in the gaps between Fiscal Week 1852 and 1901, when in fact it should. 


Bar Chart with no Scroll.JPG


Hope this explains it more. In fact, i will update my intial post with more detail in order to explain it all better Smiley Happy






However, as you can see now, 

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