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Helper III

Relationship to Unpivoted Reference Table incorrect only in Report Server (pics included)

Hello all, 

I've got this really strange issue that only rears it's head when viewing my dahsboard from the report server.


A few of my tables have a dynamic X axis, where I can select how I want to view my axis from a slicer drop down.

I've done this by adding an index column to my source data and creating a reference table from it.

Next, I unpivoted the columns in the reference table that I want shown in my slicer drop down.

I create a relationship between the two tables using the Index as the bridge and it's cross filtering in both directions (pic1).

The slicer dropdown field has the ref table "attributes" and the chart axis field contains the "values" from the ref table.

Boom, it works as expected in PBI Desktop. Great!

Here is a pic showing what it looks like and using a page level filter to prove that the data is filtering correctly (pic 2 & 3).


However, when I publish it to the server and it refreshes the relationships go haywire and I get funky data when filtered (pic 4)

ie. When page level filter is for West, Visual should only show the West Divison, not all.

Just to clarify, the relationships look fine in the server after publishing until I give it a refresh.

The next thing I do is click "edit in PBI Desktop" and once it's on my desktop, what do you know, all the realtionships are fixed again and the report functions as intended without me doing anything.

So why are the relationships getting skewed in the report server, but get fixed automaticaly once I pull the report into the Desktop app?

I can asume something with the indexes is going off the rails during the refresh, but then why the automatic fix once pulling the report into the desktop app.

Can anyone please provide me with some insight on this issue i'm having?

relationship set uprelationship set upFinished ProductFinished ProductWorks good in desktopWorks good in desktopBad reference.PNG





Hi @tmendoza ,

the Report Server is sometimes really weird XD. But is the Version of the Report Server and your Desktop Version the same? If the Desktop is one version older this could be a problem. (First guessing)








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Thank you for responding @KBO ,


Weird is right! My report is broken and not broken at the same time. This mornings server refresh broke the report, pulling it into the desktop fixes it automatically.


The server and desktop app are both the January 2020 version. 

Although, looking at the info, they have different specific version numbers.

Server: Version 1.6.7364.4075

Desktop: Version 2.76.5678.1521


Do the specific version numbers matter if they are both the January released versions?


Thanks again


Follow up Edit: I went to the download Power BI Desktopdrop down in my report server and it turns out that the desktop version I'm running is in fact designed for the server version (January 2020) I'm using. It was worth checking, but the versioning does not seem to be the problem here.

Hi @tmendoza ,

sometimes it could be If you use a Desktop higher than the server that this won't work :).

I recommend try to install the new Update May 2020 and try it again - a versio upload fixed normaly many things :).








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