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RLS on Report Server KPI

I did created a kpi in report server using SSAS cube as my data source.

And Roles are aleady defined in that cube and it is working fine for each users for power bi reports.


First, I did created a shared dataset using reprot builder of that cube and then by using that dataset i created kpi in report server.

I did tried to find out the ways to implement rls for these kpi's but i couldnt.


Can any one please help me how to implement RLS on KPI's and Paginated reports in powerbi report server



Mohan V

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Hi Mohan January update of the Power BI Report Server has support for RLS


But I have not tried it yet.

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Thanks for the reply @Anonymous,

But this is not about Report level RLS.


We can create KPI's using Report Builder by creating some shared/embedd datasets in report server.


For those KPI's and Paginated reports, how we can implement RLS.


Any help.




I believe Report Server only supports RLS on Power BI reports right now. If you're using a live connection through your SSAS datasource then this may help you setup RLS on SSAS side

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Thanks for the reply @adrez86.


FYI, i did these things already, and i have successfully published more than 50 reports till now in my organization.

But I am trying to make dashboard kind of user experience(Like in powerbi service) in report server by creating these KPI's and paginated report visuals.


So, thats the reason im trying to get implement RLS for these KPI and all.


I didnt understood one thing, that, whats the use of giving KPI as an option if ther's not proper RLS is not applied to these.


Just asking.


Any help.


Power BI reports didnt have proper RLS until last week so would you ask why would they give us Power BI reports without proper RLS? They're always adding new things.


You can suggest new ideas here

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