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andreiFilip Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

RLS not working anymore (August 2018) - on Report Server on premises only



Starting with the new August 2018 update it seems that RLS is not working anymore....


What is my problem:

I have successfully created RLS Roles (with username and country) and added a user_access table for each of my user, and it worked fine in previous PBI-RS on premises

What I have noticed is that is seems that PBI-RS is not applying the Role I created for that table


When trying this in PBI-Desktop (August 2018) I have to tick those 2 boxes "Other User" and the create UserAccess Role, and everything works as expected..the RLS is applied and I can see the data it was supposed to be seen

When I move this report to my on-premise PBI-RS and log in with that particular user I've tested on PBI-Desktop, the user can see all the data (it was not supposed to see)


The user I'm using is a local server user (not AD) - could this be the issue ?


Any ideas for this


Thanks a lot