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liewgm Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Query Editor / Power Query in Paginated Reports?



Power BI Report Server is a great improvement but the current experience with PBI dashboards and Report Builder paginated reports needs better integration. One example is the Query Editor in dashboards which can be used to perform fantastic data transformation. After doing all the work with the magic of M Language and all, the prepared dataset cannot be used in paginated reports.


So the question is whether there can be any way to expose the dataset used in the dashboard (PBIX) file to the paginated report? The alternatives I can think of are either to create a PowerPivot workbook (that requires setting up Online Office Server and linking it to PBI RS) or creating a SSAS instance, both are not very feasible solutions in my environment.


If not, hopefully Microsoft can consider tighter integration of the two products which would make Report Server even powerful.