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Helper III
Helper III

Publish to Power BI Service by Desktop for RS Oct 2020


with the May version of the Desktop for RS (and former versions) it was possible to publish reports to the cloud.
So it could be used with both, Report Server and Cloud Service.
The October version doesn't have the publish option any more. Is this intended or a bug?

Thanks & Regards


This change was not intentional and will be reverted in the next servicing update to the october release.

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New Member

Not able to publish report on cloud from Power BI RS Oct 2020 updated version also.

Super User
Super User


We have the same issue here. Publish to cloud Power BI Service is missing in latest version of Power BI Desktop optimized for Report Server.


It is very important feature in large companies, which using both on-premise Power BI Report Server and cloud Power BI Service, with only single tool (due internal policy and testing cycles), which support both enviroments.


Please, is it confirmed bug? Is any ETA of fix?

Frequent Visitor

I found an error in the logs:


2020-11-09 14:22:23.6110|ERROR|117|Failure in reportproperties|
RequestID = s_344b8cbf-79ff-46e6-bf34-fda61685946a
Microsoft.PowerBI.Packaging.Storage.NewerFileVersionException: '1.21' is newer than the product version.


Why is this heppening if I have all the software (PBIDxRS & RS) updated to the latest versions?


Just wanted to provide an update to this thread, we released a new build of Power BI Report Server yesterday which fixed issues that had the same effect as the one described here.  In case you still experience problems after the upgrade, I suggest to open a separate thread specific for that issue so we can better track. Feel free to tag me directly in those as well.


You can find more details about the update in this thread:

Frequent Visitor

As I mentioned, we were using only PBIDxRS to publish in both, PBIRS and

This week I upgraded from PBIDxRS May 2020 to Oct 2020.

I started to work with this new version when I realized there was not PUBLISH option in tis new version.

So I downloaded and Installed the PBID Oct 2020 to publish in

But when I opened the dashboard previously saved in PBIDxRS I received this message...


Now I am concerned and have to back up the dashboards before they change in PBID Oct2020 to avoid any errors, and then test the dashboards saved in one version with the other and publish both in both, PBIRS and to be sure I will not have any issues.

That is why I am asking if I have the latest versions in both applications.

Frequent Visitor

I need some help here, please...

PBIDesktop says the version of the dashboard created with PBIDxRS was created in an older version. It will not longer be saved in Report server. What is the lastest version of both? 

My PBID is           Version: 2.86.902.0 64-bit (October 2020)

My PBIDxRS is     Version: 2.86.961.0 64-bit (October 2020)

Are they or are they not compatible? Maybe I have a wrong version installed? Which one?

@jguerrero Can you clarify what is the scenario step by step and where you are seeing errors?

Frequent Visitor

We have the same issue here.

We were using just the PBIDxRS since it covered both ways to publish (to Report Server & Web Services). Now the option simply dissapear whithout notice.

I know I can use both PBID versions, but changes like this are annoying.

Any official statement, Microsoft?

This change was not intentional and will be reverted in the next servicing update to the october release.

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Helper I
Helper I

Hi, I have this same problem too. It is so frustrating since I looked everywhere for it.
Frequent Visitor

I'm having this issue too.
As we hope to move to Report Server eventually, having all our reports and dashboards made in Power BI Desktop for RS gives us a way to ensure the transition is seamless.

We could switch to the normal version of Power BI Desktop but as the RS version is usually behind we won't be able to open our dashboards when we do switch because RS would be a previous version.

Is there any plans to add the Publish button to Power BI Desktop for RS, otherwise we will forever be stuck with the May 2020 version?

Thanks for reporting this, we are investigating and will report back to this thread.




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