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intrasight Member

Problem with upgrade to latest PBIRS preview

We have PBIRS running on a test server in my org and have about a dozen people using it. It is running the pre-release from last October. We wish to upgrade to the most current:


Version: 14.0.600.442
File Name: PowerBIReportServer.exe

Date Published: 1/10/2018


I did this on a development machine to see what's entailed. I did not uninstall the existing PBIRS because I wish to upgrade an instance. I did that and mostly thing worked. The installer notified me that it was doing and upgrade, and all the current settings of PBIRS were maintained. However, when I uploaded a report from PBI Desktop, I was prompted to select one of two servers to use. Both had the same URL. I assume this is a minor bug in the installer when doing an upgrade. So question is how to fix this? Where is Desktop getting that list of available servers? How can I flush/refresh the list to reflect that is just a single server? 


I need to resolve this before upgrading the test server that has users.