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Problem with data refresh after update of data source

I have an automated the process of restoring the Power BI Report server database from production environment to development environment. After the restore I update the data sources to reflect the changes required within development environment. This works fine and I can browse to the reports and "Test connection" says "Connected successfully".

However the schedule data refresh fails and shows the original data source as the cause of the error. So it seems that the "data refresh" is using another data source which has not been updated in the process.

The error in the data refresh is "1055784932: Credentials are required to connect to the SQL source. (Source at prod;msdb.). The exception was raised by the IDbCommand interface."

Any idea where this data source is saved and how it can be updated?

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Re: Problem with data refresh after update of data source

does your automated process also create the automated schedule of the report in PBIRS?


Looks like it is failing as soon as it tries to execute the schedule as all of the schedules created in msdb. Delete the schedule and try re-creates one should do the job.

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Re: Problem with data refresh after update of data source

Unfortunately I does not make any difference when creating a new schedule.


The same error comes up pointing to the production data source instead av the dev data source.

It seems like it is saved in a second place or it is some kind of cache which is not updated.

Any more suggestions?

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