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PowerBI Report + OOS: Excel with AS works, but Excel with PowerPivot fail

Dear Masters,

We setup PowerBI Report Server(15.0.1102.235) and Office Online Server(OOS) is one server, also intsall 2 SSAS instances(SQL2012), one for tabluar model, another for PowerPivot mode in same server. We uploaded 2 excel files to PBIRS, ones' source cnnected to SSAS tabular model, it could work well, like add/move dimension. But another file with PowerPivot, it can be open, when we add dimension into Pivot table, error message prompted: 

We cannot locate a server to load the workbook Data Model.


It look seems OOS cannot connect to SSAS PowerPivot mode, we check log file, here is error message:


Checking Server Configuration (twtpewgdwdb02d\POWERPIVOT) ...
05/09/2019 11:06:46.53 w3wp.exe (0x20DC) 0x4A88 Excel Online Data Model sql01 Medium --> Check Administrator Access (twtpewgdwdb02d\POWERPIVOT): Pass.
Check Server Version (twtpewgdwdb02d\POWERPIVOT): Pass ( >= 11.0.2800.0).
Check Deployment Mode (twtpewgdwdb02d\POWERPIVOT): Pass.
Check Server Configuration (twtpewgdwdb02d\POWERPIVOT): Pass.

SSPM: Initialization failed on server twtpewgdwdb02d\POWERPIVOT: Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient.AdomdErrorResponseException: The '\MSOLAP$POWERPIVOT:Memory\Memory Limit High KB' performance counter could not be found.


Refer,  there is no "Disable Performance Counters" in system registry, so...we add manually, but still not fix the error.


Finally, follow isstruction, we try to re-create the performance counter, run below command:

unlodctr msolap$pwerpivot


Error message prompt:

Unable to open driver SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\msolap.


Is anything wrong or any suggestion?


Many thank!



Regular Visitor

Re: PowerBI Report + OOS: Excel with AS works, but Excel with PowerPivot fail

To resolve Performance counter issue, try to update SQL patch, refer to here:

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