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Power BI report based on Essabase DirectQuery) is not getting uploaded to Power BI Reporting Server


I have created a Power BI report based Essbase(DirectQuery) uisng Power BI Desktop.

Now I want to upload it to Power BI Reporting servcer.

Its giving me generic message of "We're not able to upload this report. The report was created with a recent version of Power BI Desktop that is not yet supported by this server" . The error message does not make sense as I am able to upload a Power BI sql server report without any issue.


The version of PB Desktop is Version: 2.81.5831.1181 64-bit (May 2020) . This I downloaded from PBIRS portal which says optimized to use with PBIRS May 2020 version.


The version of my PBIRS is 1.8.7485.35104 (May 2020) . Ever I tried creating PB report using PB Desktop  2.76.5678.1521 64-bit (January 2020)..Got same issue..Only with PB Reports based on Essbase connection.


The report works fine in PB BI Desktop and PB BI url (publish) I had to use On premise data Gateway.


Any suggestion is appreciated


Thanks Sujay

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