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Helper II

Power BI on premise - connect to on premise Sharepoint folder - Access to the resource is forbidden.

Hi, I am trying to get at a folder on our on premise Sharepoint site. 


I've tried a "Sharepoint Folder" eg but the desktop will not allow access and errors with "Access to the resource is forbidden."


I can get the PBI desktop to connect to the UNC path eg \\\subsite\shared documents\administration

and all is good in PBI desktop. The issue occurs when I try to set up a refresh schedule on our on premise Power BI site.

The error I get when trying to set up the credentials is

"We got the IO error '53' while trying to access the path '\\\subsite\shared documents\administration'."


I've tried correct case and even including %20 instead of the spaces but I've not managed to get eithe rapproach working as needed.


Any help gratefully received.



Hi, there is a previous post that outlines it clearly....


I found some other way to conenct to Sharepoint Folder .
First connect using Sharepoint List connector --> edit --> click on the Source at Applied Step --> Replace the Query with this 
= SharePoint.Contents("", [ApiVersion = 14])


HOw would I do this. I am not sure , where to go and what to do.

PLease advise in steps.

Thank you.


I open PBI Desktop

Get Data ---> Sharepoint List ---> it asks for URL -----> and then credentials and then it stopped going forward.


This topic is about Sharepoint Folders and not Sharepoint Lists.

When you enter the url are you taking note of the info icon "Enter the root url for the site and not including sub folders"?


Are you displaying the Formula bar in Power Query?

In terms of Sharepoint Files create a blank query data source then manually enter the source details in the formula bar eg 

=SharePoint.Contents("", [ApiVersion = 14])


If you are similar to us you cannot create a data source to Sharepoint files using the UI but you have to manually create the first step. From then on you have a normal dataset.


Yes, I have noticed to enter the Root URL , not the list i.e.

Also I have tried doing this using a blank query, 

=SharePoint.Contents("", [ApiVersion = 14]), the result is the same. 


Please advise, if there is a solution for this issue. PBI desktop is unable to access Sharepoint 2013 On Prem.




Hi, sorry can't help any more. We've got it working with our on prem SharePoint 2013.


Good luck.


Thanks for your assistance. !




Just wanted to check if you were able to find a solution for this, even I am struggling to conenct power bi to on-permises sharepoint file


Hi, yes @Harish12137 


We are currently Sharepoint 2013 and by default Power BI assumes a higher level so you cannot directly connect to a file using the UI. That said it is easy to sort out.


Make sure you can see the 'Formula Bar'

I connect to a SP List then edit the first step.

eg initial step

=SharePoint.Tables("", [ApiVersion = 15])


Change Tables to Files and reduce the ApiVersion to 14. 

= SharePoint.Files("", [ApiVersion = 14])


There you go, good luck.


Hi @saj ,


Thankyou so much for a quick response, yes changing to sharepoint.files worked!!




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