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mpsrshl Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Power BI desktop Jan 2019 - Power query does not refresh field changes on designer section

Hi there,


Has anyone noticed this issue? I happened to update a dataset and I deleted a field using Power Query I then closed and saved it (routinary work), the data refreshed and so did the numbers, Then I saved the dashboard on the portal and let the scheduled refresh run. an hour later it saw the status of the task with an error. The field "blabla" is not recognized.... and a couple of more error lines. when I went to check in Power Query if that field still appeared, it was gone - good! - but strangly, when I closed and saved once again and then went to the designer section, I expanded the dataset itself and saw the field I had previously deleted hanging in there. I had to manually right-click-and-refresh that dataset in this part of the UI to make the field to go away. I hope it's just my local computer and the server having the issue.